Hands On Mathematics

“Struggling in mathematics is not the enemy, any more than sweating is the enemy in basketball; it is part of the process, and a clear sign of being in the game.”—Suzanne Sutton This quote has hung in my classroom for six years, defining how I approach teaching mathematics. Math—and every other subject—should be accessible to […]

Creativity Counts

When I was in school, I had the privilege of having an excellent art teacher, Mrs. Unger. While I was swamped with honors classes, playing three sports, participating in choir and student government, my art classes were very important to me. I’d stay late to finish projects and even go to the art room during […]

End of the Year Reflections

Here in the global offices of TeachBeyond, we spend a lot of time thinking about, discussing, and seeking to find ways to implement practices that will help foster transformational education in the classrooms, schools and communities in which our teachers serve. We are constantly reflecting on how we can support our members as they live […]