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Featured Five Opportunities: #8

Europe Is a Critical Mission Field

This week we are featuring job openings in TeachBeyond schools located in Europe, which is a critical mission field.

  1. Europe is the intellectual center of the world.
  2. Europe is the leading educator of the rest of the world.
  3. The fastest-growing religion in the world (Unbelief) comes from Europe.
  4. Europe is the place where the global battle for the gospel is being fought.

Our schools serve both local and missionary families. Parents could be ministering the gospel in eastern or western Europe. The availability of academically strong Christian schools relieves their anxiety about whether their children’s teachers hold the same values as the family, and students are prepared to enter university in their home country.

Teachers who bring transformational education practices to the classroom can be catalysts for their students’ actions. Below are five openings for the 2017-18 school year. To browse all of our openings, go to the Opportunity Board on our website.

Dorm Parents

Black Forest Academy
Kandern, Germany

Do you have a passion to be part of the lives of high school students? Are you called to serve missionary and ex-pat families? Come serve at BFA and live in the dorms alongside our boarding students, supporting them as they develop and grow.

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Academic Dean

TeachBeyond Global Centre
Horsham, England

The Dean of the Centre for Transformational Teaching and Learning is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring TeachBeyond’s degree programs as they relate to transformational higher education.

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School Director

International Christian School of Budapest

We are seeking a director who will not only focus on continued improvement in the curriculum and the professional development of our teachers and staff, but also cast a new vision for the school.

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Third Grade Teacher

Christian International School of Prague
Czech Republic

We are looking for an energetic, loving teacher. Classes are taught in English from an American curriculum. Our school has a diverse body of 150 students from Kindergarten through grade 12.

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Middle School Math

Balkan American Academy
Creative Access Country

We are a small, private, non-profit American school located in the Balkans. The school is a gymnasia of natural sciences, meaning we emphasize lab sciences and mathematics while teaching an American curriculum.

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Transform-ed: Being Present

From a teacher in Europe:

n-scamppicIn October I led the Sophomore class to the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp in France. It was a moving experience for everyone. Some historical events, however, defy attempts at explanations by the history teacher. Even partial insights seem trite. You just tell the story, pray for those still affected, and listen to the silence of 54 usually noisy kids. In our shared shock I queried my students, “What keeps any of us from slipping into exercising the same bizarre brutality?” My theology says nothing – nothing but God’s grace. So our corporate prayer was and is for mercy and grace. With the good news of God’s work in Christ I find peace enough for the night.

Transformational education is… being present in the moment. Learning. Listening. Growing.

Transform-ed: Modeling “Willingness”

From a teacher in Europe: 

classrmIn September I stepped into my own classroom full of students. It was like a slow motion scene from a movie with dramatic music playing in the background. It’s the point in the movie when you realize this is going to be a key part of the story. So, with my heart-rate racing, I introduced myself to the students and handed out the syllabus. It’s the beginning of a whole new chapter I never thought would be part of my plan; but I’m so thankful that God knows me better than I know myself. He brought me to this place. I love teaching. I love being in a classroom. I love being around students and back in a learning environment. It was never part of my plan, but it’s even better.

Transformational education is… being open to God’s calling and unique leading – and modeling this willingness to students.

Transform-ed: Caring for Needs

From a member care staff member in Europe:pray
Our Member Care leader has challenged our team to spend even more time in prayer with and for our members.  We desire to connect on this deeper level in order to encourage and to remind people of our Lord’s working in their lives.
Transformational education is… caring for people’s needs – including the spiritual ones.

Transform-ed: Thursday’s Servant

cutveggiessmFrom a teacher in Europe: 

About 50% of the students in our school live in dorms. I’ve decided to get involved in the dorm ministry as a way to serve the RAs and dorm parents and also as a way to get to know the students better in a less formal setting than school.  Every Thursday night, the dorm parents have the night off, so people like me volunteer: I’m subbing in one boys’ dorm and one girls’ dorm.  While there, I eat dinner with all the students and RAs, help with baking or cutting meat/veggies for the following day’s lunch, and hang out with the students. I look forward to Thursday nights.
Transformational education? It helps to have a servant-heart to be a change-agent.

Transform-Ed: Risk-y Prayers

From a teacher in Europe:
We who are safe forget the risks some take to bring Christ to the nations. Some of my boarding students were recounting stories of how their parents are working in difficult and, in some cases, dangerous situations. They are facing political turmoil, the aftermath of natural disasters, and/or religious persecution against Christians. My students are brave, but they do worry, at times, about their parents’ safety. I pray with them for their parents; but I also pray for the children. Often.
Transformational education is…bathed in prayer.

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