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Expectations Matter

What we say (and do) as teachers matters.

End of the Year Reflections

Here in the global offices of TeachBeyond, we spend a lot of…

The Halls of Learning

Wherever I travel I make a point of visiting local campuses, or "learning sites."

Engaging in Godly Play

10 May 2017 The third grade class, seated in a circle around…

Finding Educational Resources Online

When you moved overseas you left behind your store of resources…

Knowing Our Stories: Developing Healthy Self-Awareness

So off went the Emperor in procession under his splendid canopy.…

What's Your Hook? Technology for Today's Classroom

We have a veritable smorgasbord of technology, software, and apps at our disposal for instruction, research, collaboration, study, assessment, and record keeping.

Choosing a Master's Degree in Education

One of the questions TeachBeyond members often ask Education…

I am in a Professional Learning Community

I am in a Professional Learning Community The most valuable…

Reflecting on Professional Practice

In addition to the routine reflections we engage in during the year, it is helpful for us to set aside some dedicated time to reflect, evaluate, and set goals for ourselves as teachers. What evidence do you see that your students’ lives were transformed this year?