Global Impact Fund FAQ for TeachBeyond Members

What is the Global Impact Fund?

The Global Impact Fund is a new TeachBeyond giving opportunity that allows individuals, churches, and organizations to financially partner with the global work of TeachBeyond.

How will be these funds be used?

Gifts to the Global Impact Fund will be used to help fulfill the TeachBeyond vision of seeing God transforming more individuals and communities through education. The primary ways we will be using these funds are to:

  1. Start new schools and projects that will impact students and communities
  2. Grow our existing schools and projects to increase the scope and effectiveness of their impact
  3. Mobilize more missional educators that are committed to using education to help fulfill the Great Commission
  4. Develop our current members and affiliates so that they can continue to grow into more dynamic servant leaders in whatever context the Lord has called them to

What are some examples of projects that will be supported by the Global Impact Fund?

Money raised through the Global Impact Fund will be used at the discretion of the Global Leadership of TeachBeyond to support the most strategic and urgent projects. Here are a few examples of the projects from each area of focus:

  • Start New Schools: The Global Impact Fund will be used to support our newly launched Beyond Borders program that provides education to refugees in Greece who are trapped in refugee camps without other education options.
  • Grow Existing Projects: The Global Impact Fund will be used to help fund the continued growth of our English Camp ministry that God is using to bring people to faith in some of the least-reached areas of the world.
  • Recruit Missional Educators: The Global Impact Fund will help us open new TeachBeyond recruitment bases in South Africa and Asia which will exponentially increase our global mobilization capacity.
  • Developing Dynamic Leaders: The Global Impact fund will help support professional development of our own members as well as TeachBeyond’ s teacher education program in South India that serves missionaries using education as a strategic church-planting tool in remote unreached villages.

Why have we launched the Global Impact Fund now?

As we continually learn of the incredible ways that God is using education to grow His Kingdom around the world, we recognize the opportunity for financial partners to play a critical role in allowing more lives and communities to be transformed by the Gospel. We trust that the Lord is also preparing the hearts and minds of those who would want to partner with Him in this work as they learn what He is doing through transformational education.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

If you have more questions about the Global Impact Fund and/or other TeachBeyond partnership opportunities, please contact our Director of Advancement Michael Koerber via email at or by phone at 1-800-381-0076 (Ext. 4).