Getting Ready To Go

Now that you have been accepted to TeachBeyond there may seem to be an overwhelming number of things to worry about. Don’t worry, we are going to walk with you through the steps.

Create a Prayer Card

We have some instructions and resources for you as you create your own prayer card. Follow this link to find all of the files and an instructional video.

Create a Personalized Giving Page

We can help create a unique giving page for you that your supporters can use. Get a picture ready and then fill out the form below.

Ministry Partnership Development

This is a collection of resources to help as you begin developing your ministry partners.


This is where we store a lot of our organizational documents. There are a lot of good resources here for you to use and learn from. You can access it using your TeachBeyond email account.

Orientation 2018

Make sure to come to the new member orientation in Wheaton, IL. We will answer many of the questions you have before going overseas. You will also be able to meet fellow new members as well as a lot of the TeachBeyond staff.

June 17-23, 2018
Hosted at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL