The TeachBeyond Distinctive

  • 1. Our calling to “transformational education”

    We are called to an age-old idea in Christian education, which we call transformational education. This is the simple, yet profound belief that through the power of God’s Holy Spirit active in education, children and adults can undergo redemptive, holistic transformation. This makes them increasingly like Christ in their world.

  • 2. Our commitment to the idea of “teaching beyond”

    We are committed to teaching beyond:

    • Teaching with an attitude of teachability
    • Teaching creatively in formal and informal settings
    • Teaching missionally – in local communities and always thinking beyond to the world and its needs, not neglecting the poor and vulnerable
    • Teaching for effectiveness in society, but also for fruitfulness in God’s eternal Kingdom
  • 3. Our commitment to cultivate a learning community

    We see ourselves as a reflective learning community. This means we seek to grow corporately in our understanding of our global mission and identity as we think together. We also seek to grow personally and vocationally, in our service to our community and world, and in our love for our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • 4. Our vision to foster a global movement

    We are part of a global community of like-minded people. We envision this community becoming a vibrant global movement used by the Spirit to impact our world in redemptive ways. We see ourselves supporting this movement through the services we provide.

  • 5. Our multi-ethnic composition and unifying organizational structure

    We seek to be as ethnically rich and diverse as the Church itself. Our organizational structure fosters a cooperative spirit and ensures that we work together in effective ways that extend local and national endeavors. We view our national legal offices to be expressions of TeachBeyond and derivatives of a global community committed to the ideals of TeachBeyond.

  • 6. Our statement of faith

    We ascribe to the statement of faith of the World Evangelical Alliance.

  • 7. Our values

    We ascribe to and embrace ten values which inform our beliefs, guide our actions, and define our character: faith, integrity, holiness, love for people, creativity, cultural relevance, congeniality, partnering with others, excellence, and stewardship.

Adopted 2013-06-29, revised 2014-12-02, 2018-06-19, 2019-06-12, 2020-04-03