(Week Three) Featured Five – A weekly snapshot of five opportunities to serve with TeachBeyond

Part of a series called Featured Five – view last weeks opportunities.

This week we are highlighting roles in Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, North America, Russia, and Thailand.

To help you know more about TeachBeyond we have included a new infographic that visualizes the growth in recent years. We believe that God is at work through education, and are glad you share this passion!

Our growth from 2013 to 2014

As we see the growth in TeachBeyond, we are also aware of the tremendous need for additional staff to fill over 300 openings. Below are five highlighted openings for this week. Please inquire with us to learn more details about them or any of the other 300+ opportunities to serve around the world.

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Work as an Associate Director of Advancement / Major Gifts Development

in North America (can work remotely)

Are you gifted at meeting people, sharing a vision of what God is doing, and helping others see how they could participate by resourcing that vision? This may be your role.

Head of School


Take the leadership mantle for an accredited, highly respected K-12 school. The school educates local and country leaders and also runs a separate, no-tuition-required school ​for children from a nearby slum. This is a salaried position and experience is needed.

K-12 Physical Education Teacher

St. Petersburg, Russia

Looking for an opportunity to train up children in the way that they should go? Use your enthusiasm for P.E., sports, and coaching to serve the international Christian community in St. Petersburg, Russia.

5th Grade Teacher

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Teach the children of Christian workers from multiple nations and children of local Thai families. We’re looking for someone who joyfully loves the Lord, loves children, and loves teaching.

English and Computer Skills Teacher

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Provide valuable life and job skills while mentoring young women who are vulnerable to trafficking and prostitution in an impoverished country where alternative means of survival are scarce.

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