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(Week Five) Featured Five – A weekly snapshot of five opportunities to serve with TeachBeyond

Part of a series called Featured Five – view last week’s opportunities.

This week we are highlighting roles in IT, Elementary, TESOL, Advancement, and Art.

To help you know more about TeachBeyond, here’s a graphic from our Strategic Plan: Vision for Transformation 2020! We hope this helps you to visualize the reach we have been a part of and the impact you can have for God’s glory.

Some TeachBeyond Data

Parallel to the growth in TeachBeyond is an increased need for additional staff to fill over 300 openings. Below are five highlighted openings for this week. Contact us for more details on these positions or any of the other 300+ opportunities to serve around the world.

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Work as the Director of IT

at the office in Horsham (England), Vancouver (Canada), or Chicago (USA)

Are you a leader with a global perspective on technology? Are you a generalist that could remotely oversee a multinational organization to maximize impact and efficiencies with software, applications, communications, online tools, and data management? You may have found your niche in missions.

Development Research Assistant

(can work remotely)

This position includes researching grant application opportunities, facilitating the writing of “case for support” proposals to public agencies and private foundations and corporations, and submitting accurate and timely reports for all existing and future grant funded projects.

Elementary Art Teacher

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Are you the missing piece for this dynamic, growing international school that serves over 300 missionary families in Thailand? Contact us to learn how you can fit here by teaching elementary art.

TESOL Instructor

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Would you like to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to international university students and community adults in Kinshasa, DRC so that they gain a comprehensive understanding of English? Experience teaching English as a Foreign Language required.

Elementary Teacher

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Our team needs teachers who are passionate about helping multicultural elementary TCKs learn to see the glory of God in every part of life in a beautiful developing country.

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