(Week Six) Featured Five – A weekly snapshot of five opportunities to serve with TeachBeyond

Part of a series called Featured Five – view last week’s opportunities.

This week we are highlighting PR, Science, Administration, a Headmaster, and Elementary. We are also bringing you a quote from an interview we did with one of our teachers.

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Jessica, a teacher
at San Francisco Christian School in the Dominican Republic

While I loved taking short-term mission trips, a long-term assignment didn’t seem possible. Just when I set that dream aside, God brought me to TeachBeyond. He took my many passions in education and rolled them into one assignment at a brand new school.

He has been preparing me all along to teach and love the students here. Each day, through successes and struggles, I am glad God used TeachBeyond to bring me to this place.

Do you want to be a part of the growth at TeachBeyond and apply for one of over 300 openings? Below are five highlighted openings for this week. Contact us for more details on these positions or any of the other 300+ opportunities to serve around the world.

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Director of PR & Global Communications

at the office in Horsham, England or remote

Do you have a passion for communicating an idea that others have trouble expressing? You will oversee and develop all aspects of TeachBeyond as a brand and as a vision for transformation. Managing and delivering on organizational projects that effectively achieve the strategic plan for the coming years.

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High School Science Teacher

Central Asia

By teaching Biology, Chemistry, or Physics – you have the opportunity to invest in the next generation of Christian leaders while enabling their parents’ front line work for the kingdom to continue.

Elementary Teacher

Manila, the Philippines

Join Faith Academy’s Pre-K through Grade 5 team, teaching a robust curriculum including CCSS for math, a workshop approach for literacy, FOSS for science, and unit studies for Social Studies.

Coordinator of Bridge Language Centre

Kandern, Germany

Are you interested in facilitating the growth of relationships between the German and North American communities through language (and cultural) learning? We need a Coordinator of the Bridge Language Centre in Kandern, Germany beginning autumn, 2015.

Deputy Headmaster

Fond du Sac, Mauritius

If you are looking for a school that places the Great Commission at the fore of its day-to-day priorities and operates less like an institution and more like a family, look no further. We are looking for a deputy headmaster to oversee the day-to-day operations and curricular development of our growing secondary school program.

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