First Day of Teaching Was Incredible!

Nicolette Benoit, serving with TeachBeyond at Faith Academy, Manila, Philippines, is excited about her first day of school.

Nicolette Benoit“Wow, I am convinced I have little angels in my class instead of students! They were all SO excited to learn and respectful. They loved to have fun! During Bible we were talking about Abraham and how God spoke to him. I told them that God often speaks in the silence. The students shared many examples of how God has spoken to their parents about being missionaries in the Philippines (So neat!).

Then one boy asked if we could be silent right now so we could hear God. For a whole minute we were all silent while each little second grader was listening SO hard to hear God. THE MOST PRECIOUS EVER! Wow, I can’t wait to see what God is going to continue to do through each of my 14 students this next year!”

‪Pray‬ for Nicolette and her second graders at Faith Academy.