My Reward: Praying with Students

We give thanks for one of our TeachBeyond UK members, Lora Bunting, who has recently returned from spending time in Bolivia. She shares her story with us.

My name is Lora Bunting, and I recently completed an 18-month term teaching at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Centre. The school provides a quality education in English and with a Christian orientation primarily for local and missionary children in Bolivia. The school has grown from 34 students in 1977 to a present enrollment of more than 230. SCCLC serves Bolivia and the nations by providing a quality comprehensive multilingual Christian education that meets and exceeds national and international academic standards and prepares students spiritually, academically and socially to transform their world.

This adventure put me in situations that has challenged my physical and mental ability but has also given me a sense of freedom that I have never had before. I have found myself during this experience and truly know who I am after it. I am continually reminded that our Heavenly Father is constantly pouring down his blessings on us.

The most rewarding element of working at a Christian school is being able to freely pray with the children. Every morning we had our greeting time where the children sat in a circle on the carpet, and I then I took prayer requests. Although some of the prayer requests are more praises for new toys they had been given, a lot of them are for parents who were travelling out of the country on business, sick pets and family members that were truly meaningful. I was amazed at how well the children pray! I wrote their prayer requests next to their name, and asked them the following week if their prayer had been answered. Most of the time they have been!

Although it was very difficult at times being away from the own comfort of my home in England and family and friends, I was blessed with the friendships I had formed on the mission field and the children that blessed my heart