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‘Featured Five’ Opportunities #1

Part #1 in our 2016 Featured Five series:
a twice-a-month peek at five opportunities out of 300+ available through TeachBeyond

Q: Why work at an international K-12 Christian school?
A: You have a key support role in missions.

Bethie Duvall, a sixth grade teacher at Black Forest Academy (BFA), wrote:

Recently a parent said to me, “Without BFA my husband would not be able to do his ministry and we would have to return to the States for our daughter to get the education she needs.” It amazes me as I meet missionaries who are serving all over the world and learn the blessing that BFA is to them. I feel humbled to be a part of such a wonderful ministry.

There are many opportunities with TeachBeyond to support missionary families in this way. Below are five examples of openings with a similar ministry focus. For more, go to our Opportunities Board on our website.

Special Education Teacher

Kandern, Germany

By teaching and mentoring the children of missionaries, you are supporting the vital work of many strategic ministries while also investing in the next generation of Christian leaders. As you serve as a teacher in our Discovery Program, you can help meet the unique educational needs of many missionary families serving in strategic locations around the world. Come join us at Black Forest Academy!
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Art Teacher

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Calling all creatives! One of the main goals of a school for missionary children is to ensure that they don’t miss out on opportunities to develop all their gifts and talents. We at Bingham Academy are looking for teachers who can inspire our children to explore and develop their creativity through Art.
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Boarding Home Parents

Manila, The Philippines

Do you and your spouse have a passion for missions and a heart for discipleship? If so, you may be a great fit at Faith Academy, investing in the lives of boarding students and thus supporting the work of global missions.
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Elementary Teacher

Chiang Rai, Thailand

As a teacher at Chiang Rai International Christian School, you have the unique opportunity of reaching out to children of missionaries and ministers from multiple nations as well as children of local Thai families.
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Secondary Math Teacher

Madrid, Spain

Invest in the lives of missionary kids, support the growth of God’s kingdom in Spain, and be salt and light to your very friendly neighbors. Teach at Evangelical Christian Academy!
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