‘Featured Five’ Opportunities #4

Part #4 in our 2016 Featured Five series:
a twice-a-month peek at five opportunities out of 300+ available through TeachBeyond

What opportunities present themselves in a restricted country?

7_Thailand_childrenEverything starts with relationships. Although that focus may seem the same in every country, the implications are different in countries where your presentation of the Good News is considered unwelcome, viewed with suspicion, and even illegal. When a relationship is established, there’s the possibility, with discernment, to share Jesus’ love and read the Bible together. There are opportunities to testify about our faith when relevant situations present themselves, such as honesty, gossip, ancestor worship, and altars to gods.

We have an opportunity to help develop the fundamental worldview they use to operate and make decisions, particularly in a society where mindsets are going through drastic transitions with the Internet and globalization influencing lives.

Our Opportunities Board on our website has some limited information about our openings in restricted countries, though you can inquire there or email us for more details.

English Language Teachers

SE Asia Bilingual School

Do you want to experience first-hand how God can use education to build His church in a restricted access country? This school in SE Asia has seen many doors opened for ministry through Christ-followers offering a quality, bilingual education in one of the poorest regions of the country. Training and certification is available for those who need it.

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Secondary History Teacher

Central Asia International School

Come join us by teaching history in a country shaped by its history as a former part of the Soviet Union. As you invest in your students, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn the language and culture so you can minister in the local community as well.
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Balkan American School

Are you a school administrator up for the challenge of a lifetime? Balkan American School urgently needs a principal, beginning service in summer, 2016. Without this key leader, our grade 6-12 school will have to close its doors after nearly a decade of impacting students in a restricted country.
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Elementary Teachers

North Africa Classical TCK School

The focus of our school is to educate the children of international families living in North Africa who have come for the purpose of cross-cultural ministry. In addition to serving them, you also would have the opportunity to teach the youth of local, North African families who desire an international education.
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Suzuki Violin Teacher

Asia Community Arts Center

Do you have a passion for teaching violin and a passion for Christ? If so, then we would love to have you consider joining our team that impacts the local community through the arts. This teacher will be responsible for private and group violin lessons while learning the language and building relationships for an eternal impact.
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→ Learn more about these opportunities by visiting our Opportunity Page and inquiring.