Merging Theology and Innovation

by Björn Wagner
TeachBeyond Germany

They seem an odd couple: Theology and Innovation. The former seems a little too “boring” and the latter maybe a little too much like “parting from orthodoxy.” For years, the number of theology graduates has been declining. Innovation, on the other hand, thrives.

TeachBeyond Germany is breaking new ground with a merger of both. TeachBeyond Germany member Benjamin Rudolph spearheaded the LEAP Network in Europe with the aim of impacting relevant Christian organizations and networks through transformational education for church planters and youth ministry workers. TeachBeyond Germany is calling this new initiative the Department of Theology and Innovation.

During the last TeachBeyond leadership summit, Rudolph explained why this new name would benefit the cause of TeachBeyond. Theology must proclaim the eternal message of God in new and creative – innovative – ways if it wants to affect church and society. Research and development are central to the day-to-day work of Björn Wagner and Benjamin Rudolph (pictured above), co-directors of the Department of Theology and Innovation. Rudolph is about to complete his master’s degree in Old Testament Studies, while Wagner is aiming for a doctorate in Missiology.

In addition to Rudolph and Wagner, the department has Richard Moore and Curtis Coston, who complete the picture in terms of educating church planters and missional youth workers both regionally and nationally. This team believes that “Innovation and Theology” are not only a perfect pairing, but an expression of God’s missional, sending heart.

Sound theology combined with outside-the-box thinking and practice can reform, inform, and innovate theological education and impact society through educating church planters and a new generation of missionaries to the West.