One RA’s take on Spring Break 2016

Spring break began with the International Christian Educators Conference (ICEC), hosted by Black Forest Academy. Delegates from schools in 32 countries gathered on our campus for a weekend of professional development, worship, and mutual encouragement. What a joy to join with representatives of the nations in the common goal of making Jesus known through education! It was especially fun to reconnect with friends from Kenya (where I went to school and where my parents still work). These worlds-colliding moments remind me how rich my life is!

After ICEC, I traveled with a small group of other RAs on a vision trip to Thailand (where I actually got to connect with several more friends from Kenya!). The purpose of the trip—led by a ResLife staff member who’d formerly lived in Thailand—was to expand global ministry vision by visiting a range of ministry opportunities. For all but our leader, this was our first time in Asia, so the trip’s secondary purpose was to encounter Thai culture and see how God is working in this particular context.

We visited two ministries that offer member care for missionaries and also spent time with a number of other people doing unique ministries with impact on MKs, college students, Thais, and others. For example, M— is working in business to provide employment alternatives for Thai women: building relationships and eventually sharing the gospel with them. Her joy in an incredibly difficult setting was so inspiring. Since M– is an alumna of a BFA dorm, we were encouraged as RAs that we never know how God will eventually use the students in our care. Our investment matters!

Spring break may have been a break from the usual routine, but it was full of experiences that challenged my thinking and opened my eyes to how God is working in the world. I learned that I cannot begin to respond to all the world’s needs, but I can live fully and freely into who God’s made me to be, doing that one thing in that one place He’s called me, for His glory and the world’s healing and joy.

– Elizabeth L.

Photo of ICEC at BFA courtesy of Sam Hallberg, Black Forest Academy.