BFA Alumni Hold Reunion

The long-awaited pre-1990 alumni reunion weekend, July 1 to 3, 2016 was beginning! With much excitement, anticipation, and questions, we rounded the corner and walked towards a group of people. Over the past weeks conversations at our home had been, “These ‘kids’ are in their late 40’s, but in my mind they are still 18! Will we recognize them? Will they remember us?”  So began three marvelous days of hearing and rejoicing to see how God is working in lives, being burdened for those in difficult situations – some wondering where God is – all while being grateful for honest conversations.

We laughed at remembered pranks on staff and students and were sobered while remembering some of those who have died during these years. Groups formed everywhere to catch up and then re-grouped with others to begin all over again. Visits were made to important places from long ago, and Walt Stuart challenged us all with his message on Sunday morning. A lovely buffet officially ended our time, but there were some who lingered long after.

We may have all gone our separate ways again, but as I looked at the work being done on the BFA building, I was reminded that we are ALL under construction! God is not finished His work in us, no matter where we are.

Thank you so much to all involved in making this weekend a reality. I know it was not an easy task, that you faced challenges and disappointments as you prepared, but know that those in attendance or connecting via social media appreciated every minute. These days together were a gift from the Lord to us.

Ted and Betty Dick
BFA Staff 1979-82 and 1984-2008