Laying Foundation For Christian Education

ÉducaVie board of directors consists of (from the left front) Daniel Neuhaus, ACSI* Francophonie; Luc Bussière, AESPEF*; Claudia and Jean-Christophe Huet, YWAM*; Dany Hameau, ÉducaVie; (rear) Nathalie Corboz, from Switzerland.

ÉducaVie is the name for TeachBeyond in France. For the last three years, Dany Hameau, who serves on the board of directors of ÉducaVie, has been consulting with partners working for the promotion of Christian education in France. They visited a dozen regional pastoral meetings in order to convey the relevance of a biblical worldview including Christian education.

They now will take the next step, contacting Christian families from different churches to offer them an alternative to state-run schools through the creation of new Christian schools. “Many parents, even those who are not followers of Jesus, question the lack of values ​​transmitted to children in the public educational system,” Dany said. “In the last three years, a dozen Christian schools were created in France, adding to the 20 existing schools and reflecting a new interest in transformational education.”

ÉducaVie has two main goals for the next two to three years. First, organize conferences for families in different parts of France to raise awareness of Christian education, including historical, theological, and practical components.

Second, we want to publish a book for the public in France aimed at demystifying the concept of “Christian education” and correcting erroneous concepts.

Pray that God will multiply the number of Christian schools in France that can provide biblically-based education leading to transformed students and communities.

ACSI – Association of Christian Schools International
AESPEF – Association of French Evangelical Schools
YWAM – Youth With A Mission