Conversations That Transform Lives

Zoe Rozsa, who teaches in the International Christian School of Budapest, has been eating lunch with six Hungarian girls so they can talk about their faith and help each other grow.

“This has been by far the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve done since moving here,” Zoe said. “About a month ago I asked them how they wanted to use this time. I gave them some suggestions and waited for their response. After some silliness, they leveled with me.”

“If this is real, then it’s worth giving up everything. I just don’t know if I believe it.”

“Living like a Christian would mean my entire life would change. None of my friends or family are Christians.”

“How do we know this is true?”

“What about all the other religions?”

And a silly one: “Will God make me turn into one of those quiet girls who always says, ‘Miss Rozsa, can we have more homework?’ That’s not who I am!”

“Hearing their questions is hard,” Zoe said. “I feel ill-equipped to answer them. But letting them voice these questions is the first step.”

“They have expressed that they often feel like they have to ‘fake it’ so that they will be allowed to stay at ICSB, which is not true,” she continued. “They thanked me for letting them be real about their struggles. In fact, my eighth grader stopped in the doorway after all the others had left and said, ‘I feel so good now, Miss Rozsa. I feel like you’ve taken the time to understand us. Thank you for helping us and caring about us.’”

Please pray for the hearts of these girls that knowledge will not puff them up, and that they continue to seek answers as they talk with Zoe and wrestle through some of life’s hardest and most important questions.

Zoe recalled that when she told them that there are people who are praying for them they all got quiet, and then a girl said, “Praying for me? Someone in America is praying for me?” They left the room so encouraged and full of gratitude.

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