Start the Day with a Good Breakfast and Prayer

Helpers appear in the kitchen at 4 a.m. to work with TeachBeyond member Nicolette Benoit and her colleague, Catie, to prepare a nourishing breakfast for neighborhood kids.

Nicolette explained the meal is for kids who live in Jolog on Panay island, where housing was set up for those affected by Typhoon Yolanda three years ago. Two of her neighbors volunteered to be the master chef and manager of the project, and mothers come to help serve the food.

“Many of the kids are undernourished, and this free breakfast means the families have more money to provide nutritional meals the rest of the day,” Nicolette said. After they eat, Nicolette and Catie pray for them. Some will stay and help wash the dishes and clean up before heading to school.

“Many times after all is cleaned up and the kids are off to school, the moms will just hang out and chat as we eat the leftovers,” Nicolette continued. “It is an awesome community time together!”

Nicolette said it has taught her a lot about working together in a team, giving dignity and purpose to people, and sharing God’s love. After the first week, Nicolette and Catie had the routine established enough that they could step away and let the community run the meal, but they still like help out here and there.


The Breakfast Club in Jolog fed by Nicolette and Catie.