Radio Interview Highlights English Camps

“English camps are really a perfect way for people to be involved in short-term missions,” Diane Kraines, TeachBeyond’s director of informal education, explained in a recent radio interview. “There is a huge demand for learning English globally; and in many locations, it’s a way for young people to improve their conversational English — anything from being able to get a better job in the future or improving their English so they can enter a university in an English-speaking country.”

Diane was interviewed by Mission Network News about opportunities to help young people around the world learn about Jesus while learning English. “English camps are a perfect way to become involved in short-term missions,” Diane continued. TeachBeyond coordinates the camps with local churches and Christian organizations so there is contact with followers of Jesus after the camp volunteers leave.

“We create a safe, warm and loving environment for our campers at each English camp,” Diane said. “For many of our campers this is their first time in a Christian environment and they immediately notice a difference. They see how we treat each other, they see the warmth and care that we have. We talk about Jesus and how he has transformed our lives.”

TeachBeyond has been holding English camps for many years in Germany. Using the model formed in Germany, TeachBeyond also has helped people in Moldova, Portugal, Brazil, the Philippines, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia learn English.

TeachBeyond is looking for volunteers willing to donate some of their time this summer to teach English to people in Brazil, the Philippines, and parts of Central Asia. Click on this link to see the needs this summer.

Listen to Diane’s interview on Mission Network News here: