That’s Why We’re Here

By Ellen Kujawski
Teacher, Arbor Christian Academy

Arbor Christian Academy is a life-changing place. I’ve been so blessed to be a part of this school from the beginning. It’s been a challenging journey, but God is doing AMAZING work here. One of my students is a beautiful example.

C has the best smile. He is shy and a bit reserved, but packed inside of that kindergarten body is the most inquisitive student I have ever met. Researching various topics during snack time quickly became routine in our classroom, so I wasn’t surprised when he started asking about the Bible we were reading each day.

One afternoon, C asked if we could read the Bible together. He sat on the carpet looking through story after story, asking question after question. Almost 40 forty minutes later, I found myself explaining the death and resurrection of Jesus in terms I never imagined using with a 5-year-old. His questions were astounding, hitting hard theological topics that I struggle with myself. God clearly put the words in my mouth.

After hearing the truth, I asked C if he had ever asked Jesus to forgive him and live inside of him. His response broke my heart. “My dad knows Jesus, but he doesn’t have time to tell me about Him.” As tears clouded my eyes, I joyfully explained how he could have a personal relationship with God. And minutes later, C was eager to ask God to forgive his sins and live with him forever.

This is why Arbor Christian Academy is here—the students are eager to hear the truth, all they need is a place where someone can tell them.

You can help students make the transformational decision to follow Jesus. Find the job and school at this link.