Addressing the Culture of Harassment

By Anna Deckert | Mission Network News

Allegations of sexual assault and harassment have dominated news and discussions in the U.S. recently. What is TeachBeyond’s response to this moral issue? President George Durance was interviewed recently by Mission Network News for a radio program about this.

George said TeachBeyond seeks to do more than mask poor behavior and sinful beliefs with a culturally appropriate cover. We want to help children and adults solve the big issues with the truth of the gospel. Right living corresponds with a new heart.

“In the United States there’s been an awakening in the culture to things that were understood to be here, but you couldn’t talk about them. All of sudden it’s out in the public and people are morally outraged. There’s been a tremendous hurt and abuse of power.” he said.

“Yes we have a cultural problem in America, but it’s a deeper thing than that because it crosses cultures and it crosses time,” he adds. “We have to ask ourselves what really is the problem? And I think the Bible gives us a very different explanation than what we would pick up in Time [magazine] or popular culture today.”

“Our Lord told us the main issue starts way back in the heart. So He said to people if you are thinking lustfully about a woman, then that’s the equivalent of actually doing it. The sin is all the way back into the thought, and if we can deal with the thought, if we can have God address the thought issue, the heart issue, and the mind issue, then I don’t think we’re going to have to worry so much about the behavior.”

Where does this discussion intersect with the mission of TeachBeyond? Listen to his interview and find out.