English and More at TeachBeyond Camp

By Diane Kraines
TeachBeyond Informal Education

From the time I was 8 years old, my mother brought me to a family Christian camp. Central to the camp program was studying the Bible and prayer. For me, it was a time of fun and games, crafts and swimming, all under the watchful and loving eyes of camp leaders. I returned each summer and each year I learned the truths of Scripture and how much Jesus loves me. I LOVED camp and it had a transformational impact on me.


English Camp in Moldova

Last summer we had two English Camps in Central Asia. One young woman, knowing it was a Christian camp, attended despite her concerns. She wanted to learn English, but ended up meeting Jesus as Lord and Savior. Here is what she said.

“After a while of being there, I was feeling peace which I never had in any place before. I heard a lot about God, but in a way that I never had heard before. I didn’t know about God’s love and His sacrifice for me. Now I know God personally and want to grow in Him. I’m scared to tell my parents about my faith, but I’m praying for them. I’m so excited for the next camp because I want to take my friends with me and introduce them to Him. I love Jesus.”

Please pray for this young woman and others who are now believers in Jesus as a result of English Camps in 2017. Pray, too, for camps and intensives coming up in 2018.

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