Introducing LinGO: English as Outreach

People worldwide are clamoring to learn English so they can get better jobs and better pay. Speaking English is an important skill for so many reasons. It’s exciting to see how the Holy Spirit is using this desire to learn English to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

TeachBeyond has many English Language Learning (ELL) programs that have developed over the years. Now, we have combined them under one umbrella called LinGo: English as Outreach.

Some of our ELL programs are an opportunity for those considering serving in a school overseas to experience cross-cultural ministry in a short-term commitment. Other programs require a one- to two-year commitment.

There are five categories of ELL programs:

  • English Camps are primarily for teens, but a few include children and adults. They last 10 to 16 days.
  • English Intensives are three- to 10-week courses for teens who want to enroll in an international school where English is the language of instruction.
  • Bilingual Schools are primary or secondary schools where regular subjects are taught in English and another language, such as Spanish or German. We ask for a one- to two-year commitment.
  • English Language Centers are located in communities and provide small classes and/or tutoring to local residents. A one- to two-year commitment gives you time to develop relationships in the community.
  • English-Enriched Schools are local public schools that have asked TeachBeyond to provide additional language instruction in the form of conversational English classes or after-school clubs. A one- to two-year commitment is needed.

Visit the new web page for LinGO to learn more about these programs and to inquire about an opportunity for you to serve overseas with TeachBeyond.

Students in an English Intensive are preparing to attend an international school with English as the language of instruction.