First Science Themed Open House for LIA

Léman International Academy, TeachBeyond’s partner school in Switzerland, will be hosting its first science-themed Discovery Day on March 24.  For the last few years, the annual LIA Open House included a short musical performance by students, and various art and educational activities in the classrooms.

Last spring, one of the LIA board members suggested inviting outside specialists who could offer science and new technologies as workshops for children. The parents of LIA echoed this interest for a science day.

Outside specialists will be delivering workshops for children ages 3 to 12. Some of the projects students and visitors will be able to choose include Gaming Creation: How to Build Your Own Video Games, and a robotics workshop with Thymio, a small robot that allows students to learn a robot’s language and write a simple program for it. The LIA teachers also will be hosting workshops on Art and Science, Slimy Friends, Explosive Mountains, and more.

This event allows families in the Geneva area to explore the educational programs offered by LIA and possibly enroll their children.

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