What Does it Mean to ‘Engage the Culture?’

TeachBeyond President George Durance talks to Mission Network News about engaging the culture.

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Despite efforts over the past few decades to be relevant and “engage the culture,” evangelicals still face disrespect and marginalization. Anything that has to do with Christianity and faith are being purged from the culture. As an educator, George says, it makes me think “what should we be doing in our schools and universities? Are there other approaches we should be taking and attitudes we should be addressing?”

George sees four ways our schools can give direction to students. Our learners need a sense of destiny, knowing that God has called them and they can uniquely contribute to the Great Commission. They need a clear sense of purpose for following the call. The second way is to foster reflective thinking and healthy doubt and skepticism about “received tradition” and in the end they will know what they believe and will live according to it. The third is to nurture a love for God’s Word and world. The Lord told us “they will know us by our love.” The fourth thing is to know what it is like to be ostracized by the world. “In 70 percent of the world, Christians are in a form of persecution, and that’s the normal Christian experience all through the generations. And for us to think that we’re always going to be privileged, respected, appreciated is pretty naïve,” Durance says.

The story is published on the Mission Network News website.