God Intercedes in Her Travel Adventure

New TeachBeyond member Jess Martinez experienced the blessing of the Lord in getting to Teglas, Hungary, where she will participate in an English camp before taking up her assignment as an English teacher in Trefort Technical High School, a Hungarian school in Budapest.

“I arrived in Hungary Sunday morning. I took a train from Budapest and my connecting train was cancelled when I arrived at the second station. When I tried to rebook, they kept saying, ‘Nem, nem – only tomorrow.’ (That was as far as we got with English)

I was stuck in a place with no phone, no WiFi, and next to no language skills. I also had not been able to exchange money, so I was unable to pay for a taxi fare as the card reader wasn’t working. I was discouraged.

“Then a woman in a red jacket came to me, grabbed my arm and kept saying, ‘Teglas’ – the name of the city I was trying to get to. She led me by the arm to a train, and was saying ‘Teglas’ over and over. She basically put me on the train and waved goodbye.

“I got on, unsure where I might actually end up. Turns out that train did indeed arrive in Teglas. My friends were waiting for me when I arrived. Satan may be angry, but Jesus is alive and well! I know He sent that woman to help me!”