Speaking Truth to Elementary Students

By Amanda Ferris | Second Grade Teacher
International Christian School of Budapest

“How can I know God is real?”

This is just one of many questions that “Z,” a Hungarian boy in my class, has been asking. He’s a deep thinker and loves to study science. I overheard a conversation with him and some classmates about being a Christian and knowing if God is real. I stepped into the conversation and reminded all the students that questions about God are okay to have.

I suggested that “Z” and I have a lunch date where he could ask me any questions he wanted. Lunch dates with the teacher are a special event and something they love to do. He invited a friend “L” to join us. She is girl from a Christian family and a follower of Jesus.

The three of us had a great lunch together. “Z” asked questions about creation, evolution, time, the Big Bang. He asked about how to know he was a Christian. I encouraged “L” to help answer the questions and contribute to what she knew to be true as well. I wanted to challenge her to share her faith and how she became a follower of Jesus.

At the end of the lunchtime, “Z” said that he had put his trust and faith in Jesus earlier this spring at home. I prayed for him and then he went on his way to recess. While I can’t be certain of his decision to follow Jesus, I do hope it is genuine, and time will tell.  However, he did enthusiastically proclaim to one of our recess teachers, “Now I know God exists!” as he ran to play after our lunch.

As a follow up, one of our Hungarian teachers invited her husband to speak to the second- through fifth-grade classes about creation, evolution, and how we can know truth. It was a good discussion and I pray that it further solidifies “Z” and others in the truth of God and his word.