Third-Grader’s Life Transformed by Christ

By Hannah Hocutt | Third Grade Teacher
International Christian School of Budapest

This was my first year in third grade and it was quite the challenge, but it brought a lot of joy with it!

In the last few weeks, I was able to pray with one of my students who accepted Christ, and I’ve begun discipling her. I am under-qualified and overwhelmed, but God is good to provide what I need. She is quite the seeker and asks a lot of hard questions!

I am truly honored to watch her grow in the Lord and to see her passion for her family. Please keep praying for Bimbi (her real name is Johanna but she’s always gone by Bimbi…don’t know why) – that her faith would be real and deep, and that she would continue to grow spiritually over the summer.

Fun story: we ran into Bimbi and her siblings “randomly” downtown the day after I prayed with her and began talking about the Bible with her. Cool God-moment!