A Place for Genevieve

Geneieve (on the right in the photo) was born with legs that didn’t quite look right or function right, so she was not able to walk. Most schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo wouldn’t allow her to come to school. They just couldn’t take the time to work with somebody whose body didn’t function right.

At TeachBeyond schools like FATEB Kinshasa Academy we believe that all people are made in the image of God. Even the parts that are weakest are indispensable, so our school had a place for Genevieve. Our teachers model God’s loving acceptance of all children and the students picked up on that, and included Genevieve in their circle of friends. They even helped her to walk – creatively using a Hula Hoop! –  so she could play with them during recess.

Listen to Christy Biscocho tell the story in this video.