Brazilian English Camps Expanding to More Cities

By Eduardo Kern | TeachBeyond Brazil

English camps were popular during the Acamp-Serra summer seasons in Brazil, and after expanding to Brasília and Rio de Janeiro last year, camps have now reached two other cities this winter: Araçatuba in São Paulo, and Fortaleza in Ceará.

Learning English through games.

In each city, TeachBeyond has volunteers responsible for communication with and reception of North American teams who will be conducting English lessons. In Fortaleza, the project has a special focus. It will serve socially vulnerable young people and children with workshops where they will learn the skills of making costume jewelry, sewing, carpentry, and welding through the North American team.

Camps always happen during school holidays and it is still possible to sign up. Young people between the ages of 14 and 21 can participate. The goal is to have an immersion time in the English language in a fun context. During the program there will be games, songs, skits, and other activities. In addition, students will have classes with native English-speaking teachers.

Pray for the camps:

July 16 to 20 – Brasília and Rio de Janeiro
July 23 to 27 – Rio de Janeiro
July 30 to August 3 – Rio de Janeiro and Araçatuba / SP
August 6 to 10 – Fortaleza

Roger and Denise Lüdcke are the TeachBeyond members coordinating the camps. They have been working with children, teens, young people, and adults for over 20 years. They both hold a degree in team management from the University of Caxias do Sul, and specialized in group dynamics, cooperative, recreational, and play activities through an internship at Grace Adventures, a camp in the United States. Roger is a school chaplain with a graduate degree in theology and postgraduate degree in pedagogy and corporate education. Denise has a master’s degree, worked for several years in classrooms, and is currently studying human resource management. They have been camp counselors and English camp coordinators for Brazil and Latin America since 2017.

Volunteers take a break from English classes.