LiveBeyond Team Presents Gospel in Uruguay

By Eduardo Kern | TeachBeyond Brazil

Seeking to bring transformational education and Bible teaching to remote areas, the LiveBeyond 2018 class traveled to Uruguay in September.

LiveBeyond, a ministry of TeachBeyond Brazil, attracts students interested in studying the Bible and applying their studies through internships during their “gap year” between high school and college. The program helps young people learn more about God and themselves.

LiveBeyond teams make annual trips to Uruguay to offer programs of transformational education and evangelization. Uruguay is the least reached country in Latin America, with about half of the population considered atheists and agnostics. LiveBeyond’s work aims to strengthen local churches. The programs encourage reflection on the secular lifestyle, and are offered at various times to all age groups.

The group experienced 12 days of travel, with evangelistic camps, visits to schools, meetings with adolescents and children, worship services, and a “Brazilian Night” open to the public of the city of Santa Rosa.

For the Uruguayans, the benefit from LiveBeyond’s team is improvement in the churches’ worship services and in the presentation of the Word of God to its population. For the students, the benefit is learning to serve as a team in the name of Christ.

Here are some testimonials from LiveBeyond students:
“Traveling to another country, with another culture, another reality, is always shocking, and for me it was very motivating. It is the second time that I have participated in this trip, and again I learned to be grateful for everything I have ever experienced and everything that God has given me, both great and small things that often go unnoticed. I also experienced being surprised by God, and seeing Him accomplish incredible things simply by being at His disposal. ” Gabriel Klein
“What struck me most was leaving my reality and culture and seeing a totally different country, with different problems and customs, and serving and being looked after by God in different ways. I think I was made stronger by the faith of the Uruguayans than I was able to strengthen the population there.” Vitor Jacks
“On this journey, God showed me how tremendous He is. He unites people who do not even know each other or even misunderstand each other’s language, and makes them the same body, from the same family.” Pamela Pellenz