Partners Make English Camps Successful

TeachBeyond’s English Camps are a three-way partnership. Both the in-country hosting church and the North American sending church provide the necessary staff to run a great camp.

TeachBeyond, as the third partner, facilitates the partnership and provide training for your team of 5 to 10 volunteers. We also provide curriculum and a trained supervisor to walk each step of the way with you and your team, providing training in working cross-culturally, spiritual formation, team building, and teaching conversational English.

Our supervisor will facilitate a partnership with an in-country church or organization that seeks a five- to nine-day English Camp. In the longer run, the host church and the sending church form a long-term partnership to provide a wonderful outreach to youth in the host country.

The benefits of the partnership:

  • Participants move forward in their relationship with Jesus Christ and one another.
  • Participants gain a higher level of conversational English (language).
  • Leaders are developed in the host countries. Faith and vision strengthen as eternal fruit is seen.
  • Relationships of trust and credibility are built between partnering sending and hosting churches.

See the list of opportunities to serve next summer and find contact information on this page.