Preparing Ethiopian Children for a Better Future

By Liz Steggall-Lewis | Beyond Borders Coordinator

Look at these beautiful, studious children. Brook Hills Development Organization, our partner organization in Ethiopia, tutors these children after school each day. They are eager learners who come from the community called Koshe, which has grown up around the Addis Ababa landfill. These children want a better future than the one their parents have known.

I’ve just returned from Ethiopia where I’ve spent time with the BHDO staff, a dedicated team of Ethiopians who are working to transform their community. Beyond Borders’ desires to come alongside BHDO in supporting the educational growth of these children and others in their community, specifically through the introduction and implementation of the Open Schools program, which trains locals to deliver a literacy and numeracy program and simultaneously creates mentoring relationships within the community.

Prayers Needed

Please pray for Love Lee, who is our Beyond Borders staff working on the ground with BHDO, as she trains staff in the Open Schools approach and helps to implement the program. Please pray that God will give her and the BHDO staff wisdom, unity, and that together we will bear much fruit and see these children improve in reading and writing. Also, please pray for our Beyond Borders members and BHDO sponsorship coordinator, Toi Mears, as she works to support this program from the US and find funding for BHDO’s programs.

In addition to prayer support, we have several other practical ways of supporting this new project:

If anyone is interested in sending a team over to help renovate the educational space let me know.

If anyone would like to give towards $350 to cover the cost of sending one of the Ethiopian staff for training in Kenya, we’d love to build the capacity of our local partners.

And finally, the cost of one school in a bag (that covers the cost of educating one child) is $60.

Many thanks!