Global Impact Fund Aids Teacher Development

A regional association of heads of Christian schools and local school networks has been formed in a South Asian country, building on the teacher-mentor program begun there five years ago by TeachBeyond. (See Teacher-Mentor Program Widely Supported)

This is a promising development in one of the only Christian activities tolerated in this country. The growing collaboration is raising the profile of Christian schools across the region. We are seeing signs of significant impact in the transformation of communities, learners and teachers.

As a result of the collaboration among national school leaders, the teacher-mentor program is developing a three-piece ‘toolkit’ to support school and staff development.

  • A ‘school evaluation service’ that will assist head teachers in assessing how well biblical teaching is reflected in all respects and in identifying priorities for improvement
  • ‘Staff development workshops’ that will be tailored to engage all members of staff in embracing these priorities and applying them in practice
  • The extension of our existing mentor training programme to heads and suitably experienced teachers will equip and encourage school-based support for all members of staff

Critical to this work is the involvement of national educators in the design, development, and delivery of the programme. This brings greater understanding of the cultural, educational, and political sensitivities to be considered. National educators also bring proven experience in exercising faith in challenging, pioneering circumstances that inspires others to become involved. Utilizing local input, the toolkit can be adapted to other TeachBeyond partner schools.

TeachBeyond’s Global Impact Fund was established to help provide financial support to projects such as this one in South Asia. Your financial partnership will provide critical resources needed to help develop missional educators in South Asia and around the world. Your gift to the Global Impact Fund by December 31, 2018, will be matched dollar for dollar by the TeachBeyond Global Leadership Team. Double your impact by partnering with us today to see more lives transformed by the Gospel through education.