LiveBeyond Student Sees Ministry Impact Kids

Sabrina Weber | LiveBeyond Brasil

Before the Easter recess, Sabrina Weber, a student in the LiveBeyond program of TeachBeyond Brasil, was able to participate in the children’s ministry at her church, Aliança Bíblica de Taquara. This practical experience is part of the LiveBeyond program of biblical education and internships for post-high school young adults.

Helping out with games and activities, she reports the importance of ministry for kids.

“I serve in a small church of about 30 members. This children’s group started back in 2017, and currently about 20 to 25 kids attend activities on weekends.

“It was just so important for me as a kid to have a children’s group at church where I could learn about Christ. I see the seed that we are planting now, while these kids are little, will grow and flourish in the future. I can already witness a big change in their character through the stories we tell, the things we teach, the values we convey through games, workshops, and the Word of God. This is wonderful!”

In addition to teaching Christian values to hundreds of children in Gramado public schools during the week, LiveBeyond students travel to partner churches on weekends, where they assist in a variety of areas such as music, drama, teaching, social work, counseling, and preaching.