Pray for our Beyond Borders Summer Team

by the Beyond Borders Team

Our summer STEAM camps and neighborhood programs have begun on Lesvos! In addition to daily stories posted on Facebook, here is an update from our team leaders onsite:

We have 5-10 children coming each day to our neighborhood program. While they are younger than we originally planned, we are adjusting our activities for that. The parents have been coming with the children, so there are great opportunities to build relationships with them and build community together.

In the refugee camp STEAM program, there are usually 15-16 children attending the program and things are going well. The kids have been enjoying the activities, and the space has been a great place to serve from.

For the neighborhood program: Pray for continued impact in the neighborhood. We will be seeing the same families for the full six weeks, and we are praying that we can build good relationships and have a positive impact in their lives. Pray the children are able to enjoy their time in the program and that we can have some impact on their educational preparation. Pray for more of the families to join us. And pray we can get to know the parents and bring them some sense of hope in this situation.

For the camp program: While we only see the children for one day, pray we can give them a sense of peace during that time and that for a few hours, they can have a break from the normal camp life. Pray that even in those small windows of time we can shine a light into their lives. Pray for more opportunities to serve them on an ongoing basis. Pray for availability of interpreters to help with registration and programming.

Continue to pray for the team for health, energy, rest and recovery on weekends. Pray for God to continue to guide every interaction we have.

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