Liza’s Life Change

When Liza was a baby, her mother dropped her off with her Gogo (“granny” in Zulu) and walked out of her life.

Gogo lives in a shack in the farming area of the North West Province of South Africa. She earns money working on a farm. Liza has had to grow up fast and take on adult responsibilities because Gogo likes to spend her money in the nearby tavern. Liza cleans their home, cooks their meals, and then she goes to the tavern and brings Gogo home.

Her life is hard, but fortunately this 9-year-old can attend classes in a makeshift school that uses the innovative curriculum and instructional approach of our Open Schools Worldwide ministry.

Liza has given her heart to Jesus Christ and is learning to pray for God’s help with Gogo. Because she is the adult for her Gogo, Liza has assumed the role of helper at school. She cleans classrooms, asks teachers how she can assist them, and prays for the other children.

Sadly, Liza will be leaving the school and the community. Gogo told her they will be moving away, although the reason is unknown. They may be undocumented migrants, which is the reason many people are constantly on the move throughout South Africa. Liza has been crying every day she attends school, knowing she will soon leave the loving teachers who are giving her an education and teaching her about Jesus.

When she moves away, Liza will remember that the God who loves her will be with her, and she will remember the people who told her how to have Jesus Christ in her heart and taught her how to pray. Perhaps she will find a school near her next home that also uses the Open Schools curriculum and through it, strives to bring hope though life-changing learning.

TeachBeyond has an overwhelming number of opportunities to affect the lives of children like Liza. Your prayers and financial support can help provide transformational education for them.

Open Schools Worldwide is one of numerous strategic TeachBeyond ministries around the world supported in part by our Global Impact Fund. In 2019 we are raising $150,000 for the Global Impact Fund so that we may see more individuals and communities transformed by God through education. TeachBeyond leaders, staff, alumni, and friends have already committed to giving $108,000 towards that goal. We are now challenging others to join us as partners for transformation to provide the remaining $42,000 by the end of 2019.

Will you partner with us so that other learners around the world like Liza can be impacted through a truly transformational education experience? To set up your monthly giving, or to make a one-time donation to our global impact fund, please use the box below. Your donation makes a BIG difference to a child, no donation is too big, or too small. Together we can help many more “Lizas” around the globe.

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