France Today: More Christian Schools, But Teachers Are Needed

The Christian school movement in France is gaining momentum with from four to seven new schools opening every year—and with good reason: parents want something that the public schools are not providing. They want teachers who affirm their children and integrate biblical values into the curriculum, while creating a positive and nurturing environment. They are looking for an alternative to the atheistic, nihilistic, Marxist philosophies taught in the public schools and where bullying and violence are the norm.

“Recently, a partner Christian school in Montélimar asked if we could help Sandra raise funds so she could teach at their school,” Jeff Kim, National Director of Éducavie (French TeachBeyond) said.

Sandra’s situation is common. There are many French Christian teachers wanting to work in Christian schools, but students’ tuition payments don’t cover both the school operating experiences AND adequate teachers’ salaries and benefits. The teachers find it hard to make ends meet.

The Montélimar school is not the only one that has contacted Jeff about helping to find funds to pay teachers. There are 37 Christian schools in France and three are now partnering with TeachBeyond. They all need to find additional funds for teachers.

“We are working on a structure for Ministry Partner Development (fundraising) in France,” says Jeff, “so Sandra and others can share their vision with French Christians and churches regarding what God can do through them and the school, and raise the funds needed.”

In addition, with the growing interest in the Christian school movement, TeachBeyond France needs funds for recruiting and training teachers to work in partner schools.

TeachBeyond has many opportunities to train and equip teachers—and through them, to provide Holy-Spirit inspired transformational education in Christian schools in France, Europe, and beyond. Your prayers and financial support can help us provide teachers like Sandra with the tools needed, both in raising support and knowing how to bring Christ into the classroom.  

The assistance of the Christian school movement in France is one of numerous strategic TeachBeyond ministries around the world supported in part by our Global Impact Fund. In 2019 we are raising $150,000 for the Global Impact Fund so we may see more individuals and communities transformed by God through education. TeachBeyond leaders and staff have committed $75,000 towards that goal and another $33,000 has been raised from other sources.

Will you partner with us so that teachers around the world can impact their classrooms for Christ? To set up your monthly giving, or to make a one-time donation to our global impact fund, please use the box below. Your donation makes a BIG difference; no donation is too big, or too small. Together we can help see transformational education movements taking root in France and other countries around the world.

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