Learning to Be Kind: Zahra

When “Zahra” (name changed) was five years old her family left Afghanistan, hoping to provide a safe life and future for them. They made their way to Greece, only to end up trapped in the notorious refugee camp Moria on the island of Lesvos.

In January, her father was able to enroll Zahra and her older sister in Beyond Borders’ School Readiness Program. Zahra’s older sister has gifts of leadership, while Zahra stayed in the background. At the end of the 10-week program, her father informed us, the Beyond Borders team, that the family had received their tickets to Athens and would soon be moving.

Plans changed when they learned of even worse conditions in the Athens reception centers. We were able to re-enroll Zahra in the summer class. She was not used to being separated from her sister, though, and Zahra experienced severe anxiety. Our teachers visited Zahra at camp, met with her parents, and encouraged her to participate. Once she was settled into class, she followed in her older sister’s example, leading the class. She was confident and quickly became a class helper.

Many of the children in Moria have been out of school for a long time. Since living in the camp, with such limited options, they feel the need to fight for what they want. We see this daily in the line-up for the camp shuttle van.

One day, a girl refused her assigned back of the bus seat. Seeing this, Zahra showed leadership and sat in the back herself. It was such a joy seeing her make the choice without prompting.

One of the main goals of the school-readiness program is to help children develop social skills. Students learn the importance of sharing, being polite and kind, and helping one another. While we do not have the freedom to share the gospel openly in the classroom due to many constraints, we model being salt and light.

TeachBeyond has many of opportunities to affect the lives of children like Zahra and other children in Moria and other difficult locations. Your prayers and financial support can help provide transformational education for them.

Beyond Borders is one of numerous strategic TeachBeyond ministries around the world supported in part by our Global Impact Fund. In 2019 we are raising $150,000 for the Global Impact Fund so that we may see more individuals and communities transformed by God through education. TeachBeyond leaders, staff, alumni, and friends have already committed to giving $110,000 towards that goal. We are now challenging others to join us as partners for transformation to provide the remaining $40,000 by the end of 2019.

Will you partner with us so that learners around the world like Zahra can be impacted through a truly transformational education experience? Will you help financially so we can recruit and train Christian teachers to work in refugee camps and established schools?

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