TeachBeyond Brasil Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

By Ramona Brown Monsour, Communications

The year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of TeachBeyond (Janz Team) in Brazil. From radio evangelism campaigns in the 1960s, to starting a Bible Training Center and then a seminary, through to a music ensemble, English camps, and missionary internship programs: it’s been an exciting 50 years.

The journey since 2011 has been particularly eventful. The camping ministry that started in 1975 expanded to offer camps in four major cities: Gramado, São Paulo, Brasilia and Fortaleza. Both summer and winter sessions have been running continuously ever since. In 2014 LiveBeyond was established. It facilitates mission trips for Brazilian youth to work in places like São Paulo, Serra Gaucha and Uruguay.

These positive steps forward for TeachBeyond Brasil mean even more in light of the challenging times of the late 1990s.

That is when the Bible Training Center (CTB) and Theological Seminary (STC) had to close in March of 1997. The Bible Training Center had been operating since 1974 and the Seminary since 1985. “It was a very difficult time,” Howard Dueck, Latin America Director shares. “Things deteriorated. The inflation rate soared to 2500%.”

Now the Department of Theological Education has been operating again since 2014. TeachBeyond Brasil has 56 projects on the go and more than a dozen partner organizations.

Always looking for innovative ways to share the gospel, TeachBeyond Brasil started with a radio ministry primarily to the German-speaking populations of southern Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. This grew to “Voice of the Andes,” a program that was broadcast throughout Latin America on Radio HCJB.

Music was another great way to reach more people. In the 1960s the Janz Quartet was part of the very early evangelistic campaigns. Then from 1988-98 it was Nova Estrada, (New Road Set). This group toured Brazil sharing Christian music and sharing the transforming message of the gospel.

Since 2001 street theater has also been used as a creative way to expose more people to Christ’s message of love and reconciliation. The partnership with DRIME saw the organization establish itself in Brazil in TeachBeyond’s Gramado Headquarters in 2003.

After 50 years of TeachBeyond’s working in Brazil, the fruit of that ministry is now felt around the world. “We have Brazilian believers serving long-term in Portugal, Serbia, Romania, and Uruguay. Others are developing short-term missions in Israel and Guinea Bissau,” Dueck beams.