Impacted By Christ through Educational Programming

TeachBeyond is so excited to see how God is using education in creative access countries to make Himself known. Following is the Parable of the Lee Family which illustrates the depth and variety of opportunities for people of all ages to be impacted by Christ through educational programming.

The Lees were a family of three living in Southeast Asia. Recently they had moved from a small, rural village to the large capital city. What an adjustment! They were overwhelmed by the traffic, the pace of life, and the high costs for rent and food. They needed to find jobs as soon as possible. Mrs. Lee was a certified teacher, and she soon learned about a bilingual school run by TeachBeyond that was hiring local teachers. In this new job Mrs. Lee was paired with Sarah, an American teacher. They quickly became close friends as well as colleagues. Over time, Mrs. Lee learned that Sarah was a follower of Jesus and that Sarah’s faith shaped the way she cared for her students and colleagues alike. Mrs. Lee was so impacted by the sense of purpose and love overflowing from Sarah that she asked to study the Bible to learn more about the God who had transformed Sarah. On the professional side, Mrs. Lee was so impressed with the educational approach used by the TeachBeyond teachers that she decided to be the first to apply as a master’s student in the university that TeachBeyond would be starting in the coming year in the city.

Mr. Lee found a job opening in the overseas student placement program operated by TeachBeyond. In this job, he helped with the marketing and logistics of recruiting and placing students in high schools and universities in the United States. Prospective students and their parents were informed that the students would be placed at Christian schools and be hosted by Christian families—something these families readily agreed to, due to the quality of the education and experience they’d be receiving. Mr. Lee soon realized that many of his coworkers were followers of Jesus, which was shocking to him since he had thought Christianity was a religion for foreigners only. Even more surprising was that his coworkers were not willing to take bribes from clients—a common practice in his previous work place. Mr. Lee was interested in learning more about their Christian faith.

The longer they lived in the city, the more the Lees got involved. Mr. Lee began attending business English classes at the language center run by TeachBeyond and their daughter Myaing began taking piano lessons at TeachBeyond’s music school. She couldn’t wait to impress her Korean instructor who had been so kind and caring to her. Myaing also started learning to swim at TeachBeyond’s swimming school and was surprised that her instructor attended church on Sunday just like her music teacher. In addition, Myaing was attending a daily English class led by a TeachBeyond member from Australia. This class would prepare her, in the future, to attend the bilingual school where her mother taught.

God was working in the Lees’ lives. A family with no prior access to Christians or the Gospel was immersed in a variety of communities with believers actively sharing Christ in word and deed.

This parable reflects the creative ways God is working through education in some of the most difficult-to-reach areas of the world. Each TeachBeyond ministry highlighted in this parable is impacting lives through transformational education in a large city in Southeast Asia.

The launch and development of missional education projects in creative access countries is one of the many strategic ministries supported in part by our Global Impact Fund. In 2019 we are raising $150,000 for the Global Impact Fund so that we may see more individuals and communities transformed by God through education. TeachBeyond leaders, staff, alumni, and friends have already committed to giving $135,300 UDS towards that goal. We are now challenging others to join us as partners for transformation to provide the remaining $14,700 by the end of 2019.

Will you partner with us so that we may establish more transformational education programs in creative access countries that God can use to bring people to Himself?

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