Transformation at English Camp

Livi is a 25 year old Christian living in an Eastern European country. Shortly after returning from her studies in Ireland, she participated in an English Camp. She appreciates the impact it had on her. “I am happy now and have been baptized.”

Although Livi’s story is at a joy-filled place now, it didn’t start that way. Born to alcoholic parents, she was taken to an orphanage at three months old.  “I was an active and artistic child and at age 8 I was adopted.” The experience with that family was so bad she chooses not to remember it.  

At 13 Livi was in an orphanage again, and found she took on the viewpoint of the other kids; she became angry with her parents and the world. Nothing could make her happy.

Not long after entering the second orphanage, a Christian family began inviting Livi to spend time with them on weekends and vacations.  She heard about God and repented at 14.  She had to go back to the orphanage though and began smoking and drinking.  She entered college, got married and was soon divorced.

In July of 2019 Livi returned to her home country in Eastern Europe from Ireland. Soon after, the father from the Christian family invited her to attend an English Camp. Although Livi was intrigued, she had some doubts: mostly about her tatoos. She called the camp and the host church let her know that the tattoos were not important; she should come.

Livi went to that English Camp and did not regret it!  The kind and friendly people there loved and accepted her just as she was. She heard about Jesus every day and realized that God loved her and could forgive all her sins.  She expressed her desire to be kind like the staff. They explained that it was only possible with Jesus. Livi heard many testimonies, talked with others and finally concluded that God did not deserve the attitude she had towards Him.  She repented!  

She was baptized in February of 2020 and credits the English Camp staff with helping her get to that point.  She now knows that God is all that makes sense in her life.