Doing English Camps Online

TeachBeyond has been doing English Camps for over 30 years. However, this year things have been a little bit different. The coronavirus changed much of what’s possible, as we can’t safely meet in person.

“When we canceled our Easter Camp, the German National Director, Falk Winter, had the thought of converting our camp program to an online format. Virtual Easter Camp was a crazy experiment, that ended up serving as a template for how camps could look this year,” said Steve Fladda, Coordinator of Informal Education in Germany.

Fast forward four months and countless hours of work by the teams, spent scrambling to pull together resources that the camp workers can use around the world, and we were able to offer virtual camps as a stop-gap at this time.

In Germany, Brazil, Moldova, and Portugal, we’ve had staff join an online gathering of young people. Already in Germany, after Easter Camp, virtual small-groups sprang up to help teens and young adults have a feeling of Christian community during these uncertain times.

“I’ve seen relationships built and cultures bridged just through the willingness to be online, play games, teach English, and talk about Jesus,” shared Steve, calling for others to join this virtual opportunity to have tons of fun and help build the kingdom!