LiveBeyond is the name given to the first year of a theological and practical training program at Gramado Theological Seminary (GTS) in Gramado, Brazil. Students can come for anywhere from 15 days to one year, “but most stay for a year,” notes Ednardo Duarte, Director and Ministerial Coordinator of TeachBeyond Brasil.

The focus of the innovative program is two-fold: transformational education and exponential impact. For every hour of class or theory, the students commit to two hours of putting what they’ve learned into practice. This can include working in churches on a weekly basis or short mission trips to cities like São Paulo, where they can work among street people and those with addictions.

Vagner is a 32-year-old student. He has come to faith and done an internship as a camp counsellor with our TeachBeyond Acamp Serra ministry. As well, he is working as part of our maintenance crew at GTS. He has been given a three-year scholarship to study theology and be part of the LiveBeyond program. Vagner wants to be a missionary and is very excited as to where God may call him.

Alfredo and Dani are a young couple from Uruguay. They had been using drugs and living their lives far from God. Their marriage was broken. Then they came to faith. They soon realized their need for Bible and theological training to help them mature spiritually. So now, they have been studying and working in Gramado, Brazil, as Mission Fellows for four years. Their marriage has also been restored.

The vision of LiveBeyond is to transform youth in Brazil. Vagner, Alfredo and Dani show how dramatic and powerful the change can be, when God transforms young lives.

Pray for LiveBeyond

  • For the Students: So that they do not become discouraged by the distance learning classes and the uncertainty of the face-to-face return (resident program).
  • For the Leadership Team: That God would sustain them as leaders with integrity and good spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical health. Find out more on LiveBeyond.
  • For Gramado Bible College: For God to send the necessary means to build and support this ministry to the students. Go to their giving page to find out more.

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