Leadership Network Update

At the heart of the Leadership Network’s mission, is the hope that through excellent training, TeachBeyond leaders/members will be part of healthy teams, that thrive where the Lord has placed them. Building the Kingdom, by building great teams, is proven to help missionaries and national workers to remain passionate and have clear purpose in their daily lives.

Recently, the Beyond Borders team received the first two levels of the Transformational Leadership Training through the Teams online platform, and it proved to be not only informative, but highly applicable.

This now makes four regions/teams that have benefitted so far, with Latin America, Asia, the People Services Team, and another cohort for Europe looking to book dates for training very soon. If you are interested to hear more, please write to mcoe@teachbeyond.org.

Here are a few feedback comments:

“What I appreciated most was Matt’s approachability. The training he has developed is an excellent resource for old and new leaders within TeachBeyond, and I found the process of engaging in the training was a tool for team building in and of itself. I look forward to learning more. Thank you, Matt!”

“I loved the training. One of my favorite quotes was in light of how to deal with criticism…something that is so hard for most of us to do!…

“Don’t reject it out of hand. Don’t be discouraged by it. Don’t be demoralized. Don’t be ruled by it. Seek to discover the reason behind it. Courage is paramount! Be patient, authentic, and honest when you are unsure about the answer.”

“Matt is one of the most engaging and enthusiastic individuals I’ve met! He inspired me to want to become a better leader and to never stop pursuing that goal. Two of the ways he did this, was demonstrating it himself and bringing our relationship with God into the foreground. Thanks so much, Matt!”