Danny Plett Concert

We’ll be presenting an online, live-stream, Christmas concert on Saturday, December 19 at 8:00 pm Germany time (CEST), and at 1:00 pm Winnipeg time (CST).

During our time in Germany (1992-2013,) Christmas was the best time of the year to share the transformational good news of Christ. Germany has produced some of our most enduring and endearing Advent/Christmas traditions, such as the Christmas tree and the carol “Silent Night,” that are shared around the world. Christmas and its story are very natural and deeply culturally imbedded.

This online event will include music as well as commentary on the incredible hope that the original Christmas miracle has brought to our world. I can also say that a horse drawn sleigh ride is being planned.

I will be singing with my daughter Lindsey and her husband Brandon and inviting my wife Sherri, son Jason and Jason’s wife, Melissa to sing along…with perhaps a special command performance by my baby granddaughter, Isla Jane – depending on whether I can afford her fee or not!

In the dark and concerning days we are currently experiencing, the powerful message of the hope and light that Jesus brings is more relevant and needed than ever!