Award Winning Documentary ‘Life Jacket’

Private screenings now available

Beyond Borders is proud to present an award-winning documentary film, Life Jacket, directed and produced by TeachBeyond member, Faten AlFaraj and supported by Executive Producers Howard Dueck and Liz Steggall-Lewis.

Life Jacket, which recently won best documentary at the Canadian International Faith and Family Film Festival (CIFF), provides a unique glimpse into the horrors many have faced as they flee war and oppression and the unthinkable conditions they now face daily. Our goal is to reach the world with the voices of refugees, demonstrating their humanity and plight and showing them for who they are; children made in the image of God who are longing for hope and a future, of which education can provide a crucial path toward – like a life jacket.

Screenings of Life Jacket are now available thanks to CIFF in developing an online screening platform, including an introduction by Liz Steggall-Lewis and a Q & A panel after the film (pre-recorded available or live where possible). Sharing this film is a wonderful opportunity to invite and educate our local communities, increasing awareness of how we as the Body of Christ can respond to God’s call to extend love, hospitality, justice and mercy to those who have been oppressed and are strangers in a new land.

We would be grateful to work alongside you to prayerfully create an experience that calls believers to action and encourages non-believers with Christ’s hope that is clearly demonstrated in Life Jacket. Please contact Andrew Steggall-Lewis if you are interested in hosting a screening for Life Jacket and be a part of advancing the Kingdom by speaking up for “the least of these”.

“We need to listen and we need to act.
We owe it to the future generations.
Let’s not fail the world by failing the millions of displaced…”
–HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, Jordan