An Amazing Open Door on Lesvos

We are very excited to have a team of four incredible women currently working and teaching in Lesvos, Greece! The team is working in partnership with Euro Relief, an NGO working with refugees.

In September, a devastating fire destroyed the majority of Camp Moria, leaving the residents scattered and without basic amenities or shelter. Educational and recreational programs had been shut down earlier this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, but as hope was further stripped from the refugees on the island, a door was opened! And Beyond Borders was able to enter through the door, responding to an urgent need for our team to lead educational programs.

Within a few weeks, 4 members of Beyond Borders had responded, raised funds, made travel plans, and travelled to Greece in the midst of much uncertainty. It was incredible to see the TeachBeyond community pull together to support these women in prayer as they began their ministry.

The need is great, with over 3,000 children currently without access to educational support. The team’s Education Lead, Nina Zaragoza, is teaching 4 classes a week with 25 students in each. As the other teachers transition out of their time in quarantine, they will be adding up to 3 classes a week to the program.

The early intervention and toddler classes also include the parents, in an effort to include and support the whole family. Changes are constant in the new camp, but for the time being we are praying for teams to provide on-going education to those who are displaced.