08: Transformational Gratitude

Guest: Brian Delamont

Happy Thanksgiving to our American listeners! Our conversation with Brian Delamont this month is centered around a gratitude that is anchored in the goodness of God, even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

  • Psalm 100:4
  • “Gratitude inherently shifts my focus from me and my resources toward God and His greater story.”
  • “Sometimes thanksgiving gets pretty surface-level for us – but I actually get to know the source of all these great things, of all resources, and He wants me to know Him in this transformative relationship.”
  • “Whenever we start doing comparisons, we immediately become dissatisfied because we will always lose the comparison challenge.  When I come to God, that’s the point where I realize there is no resource lacking.”
  • “We get to live in the Father’s presence, and He doesn’t withhold any resource from us.”
  • “Goodness is an attribute of God, so it’s just wrapped up in who He is, it’s His nature, His character.”
  • “There are days when thankfulness is a hard commodity to come by, and yet, in the midst of this, we can see the echoes and foreshadowing of what is to come: that day when God makes everything new.”
  • Psalm 77:7-12
  • “When I’m in the midst of challenging times, one of the best ways that the Spirit can reorient my heart is to remind me that God is good.  My circumstances may be anything but good, but God is good, and He has good intentions to transform my life.”
  • “‘Everything happens for a reason.’  It’ll all be okay.  Actually, it might not be.  In the scope of eternity and in God’s sovereignty, yes, because He is working out His plans and purposes, but there isn’t always a ‘reason’ that something bad happens…  I think there’s gratitude to be expressed even those situations.”
  • Romans 12:15
  • Thank you to our generous ministry partners!
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November Reflection: What does my thankfulness tell me about God?  What does He want to say to me in this place of gratitude?
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